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To all of you who have fond memories of President Ronald Reagan and Nancy Reagan, you have to check this out.

During the 1984 race for President, Nick Sabatino owner of Sabatino Advertising in Corpus Christi, Texas, was contacted by the Reagan/Bush campaign. They were planning the campaign stop for President Reagan’s re-election campaign. They communicated after realizing Corpus Christi was 80% Hispanic and also a popular Democratic city. They were concerned, yet hopeful that there would be a good turn-out for his campaign speech. The full page newspaper ad was prepared in one night and everything was in place for President Reagans flight to Corpus Christi International Airport where he would address the public. The staff of Sabatino Advertising arrived early at the airport. Nick and his wife, Jody, arrived later only to learn that they were not allowed into the airport because it was jammed with cars and people. Over 17,000 residents attended. Needless to say the Reagan Campaign staff was elated and relayed to Nick that the newspaper ad was the best in the Nation. The photo of President Reagan was shot by a member of the staff at Sabatino Advertising. Jody sent size of the photos of the President to Nancy Reagan, sharing with her the story of the campaign stop and hoping for the President to autograph the portraits. The signed pictures were sent back to Sabatino, a perfect closing to a successful event.

Nick Sabatino owned Sabatino Advertising in Dayton, Ohio for over 40 years and then in Corpus Christi for ten years. He is well known for his creative talent. In addition to his corporate clients, he was part of the team for U.S. Ambassador Tony Hall’s campaign for Congress which was successful.

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January 24, 2013

Link: Dayton Daily News

September 9, 2010

Local author, 91, says he’s always had story ideas His new book’s focus is motorists’ need to obey traffic road markings.

CENTERVILLE — Some of the best times of author Nick Sabatino’s life happened when he was a 13-year-old boy, reading about adventures and having a few of his own. “I lived near woods. I had a dog. I liked to read adventure stuff,” said 91-year-old Sabatino. “I loved to read books.” Sabatino wanted to share that love of reading, and perhaps inspire other young people to read. After he retired from a career in advertising about 15 years ago, he began to write books, most of them geared toward young adults between the ages of 13 and 18. However, his first published book — a picture book — was available in 2009. “The Tiny Donut with a Big Heart” told the story of a misshapen doughnut that endured the cruelty of people and other doughnuts before its life took a turn for the better. Sabatino’s most recent book, which he also illustrated, is called “Paint Stripes Stop Traffic Dead.” It focuses on the importance of drivers’ following the traffic markings on the road. A book signing is scheduled for 4 to 7 p.m. today, Sept. 9, at Voss Chevrolet on Loop Road in Centerville. The book signing for “Donut” took place at Bill’s Donut Shop in Centerville. Sabatino felt it was appropriate that the signing for his latest book, about driving, should be signed at a car dealership. Voss, which agreed, will be providing food and the children who attend the signing will receive small gifts. Sabatino, who grew up in Dayton and attended Fairview High School, once ran Sabatino Advertising. The company is now called Sabatino/Day Advertising. After Sabatino retired, he began focusing on writing, an interest he had not had an opportunity to explore. “I figured if you can do creative ideas for clients, you can do creative ideas for children books,” he said. “I’ve had ideas all my life. I think ideas move everything.” Sabatino’s wife of nearly 40 years, Jody, serves as editor.

Link: Dayton Daily News

July 29, 2009

Sabatino to sign books at Bill’s Donut Shop

CENTERVILLE — Author/illustrator Nick Sabatino, 90, of Centerville, will be back for his second book signing session at Bill’s Donut Shop, 268 N. Main St., from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. Aug. 1. More than 75 people were still in line at his first signing June 13 when he sold out of his children’s book, “The Tiny Donut with a Big Heart.” Shop co-owner Lisa Tucker gave away free donuts that had candy eyes and looked like the donut in the book during the first signing and plans to do the same at this signing, Sabatino said. Sabatino wrote and illustrated the book, which he says is about sharing. A misshapen tiny doughnut made from leftover dough almost gets thrown into the trash until a hungry youngster changes everything. The doughnut gets laughed at, criticized and rejected, not just by customers, but also by the other doughnuts.

Link: Dayton Daily News

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